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Sold out

Well, the announcement of the game I am writing a few days ago on this blog caused my book to be sold out (the game is set in the universe of the book). There are a few copies available now again. And apparently, they also ordered more already. I wonder if amazon will notice that the demand goes up a bit and will order more to prevent that the book is sold out again soon. But at least if it is sold out all the time, it looks like my book is popular :)

Breaking Bad DVD Box deception

Bought and watched the fifth season of Breaking Bad. But there are only 8 episodes inside. And the story ends abruptly in the last episode. Searching the web, it becomes clear that the DVD box of the "fifth season" only contains the first half of the fifth season. It doesn't say this anywhere the box. No where. Isn't this fraud? Reading the comments on amazon.de, most people seem to be upset, just like me. I'll probably going to bring the box back and demand my money back.
Also: Does anybody remember the times when a full season contained 24 or at least 22 episodes? Those where the times...

Procedurally generated 3D world in WebGL

I always wanted to create a whole 3D world by programming. Procedurally generating everything has a nice touch: You can build whole worlds with unlimited details, and by adjusting just a few parameters change everything easily. Because the work on my side-project game Darkness Springs has stopped (as reported on this blog), I needed another side project, so I started this a few weekends ago. I decided to write everything in JavaScript, using WebGL, and thus also be able to use it as test area for my WebGL JavaScript library, while also improving the WebGL backend of CopperCube as side effect.
For now, it only does some very basic 3D world generation, and it looks like this:

It generates simple terrain, buildings with a real floor plan, streets and trees. Nothing too exciting yet, but it is a start. I also found time to set up a small website for it, write down what the game will be about and setup a preorder button, so that if people like the game idea, they can pay something in order to speed up its development (That way I maybe can outsource some more work). The game will be named EndTime at Home and will be set in a post-apocalyptic world, where you walk around to gather food, hunt, and survive on your own. For simplicity, it is set in the universe of my book, just a few years before the story happening in that book. There is a playable demo of the 3D engine in action, try it out, if you like. It doesn't have that much content yet, but it shows that everything runs smoothly, even if it is only written using JavaScript.


Just watched the movie Elysium recently. It's a science fiction movie with Matt Damon:

Update: Don't watch the trailer below if you want to see the film. The trailer shows the whole f**ing story and is basically a single spoiler. What are those trailer makers thinking recently?

I didn't expect anything good, just some half-assed action movie set in space, maybe. But I was positively surprised. Not bad at all. Good stuff. It had shortcomings, and maybe I liked it because I didn't expect anything. But I can recommend watching it.

Drones Attack

Cyril created a first person shooter using CopperCube. It runs on websites using Flash, and looks quite nice, IMHO:

I personally like this very much. You can play the game directly here, or get more details about this in the Forum.