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Pavlos Toukiloglou created a simple game using CopperLicht: Triliza.
Only works with a WebGL enabled browser. (The just released Google Chrome 5 already includes WebGL support, when started with the parameter '--enable-webgl'). It even has sound :)

Opera vs. Potato

Opera just published a video of an internal speed test: Opera world record speed test. Result: Opera fast, potato slow (parody of the Chrome ad).

Full Ace Tennis Released

The Galactic Gaming Guild just released their first game: The full ace tennis simulator. It's an indie game, but from what it looks like, it could also be a AAA game:

full ace tennis

The game costs about 15 €. Full ace tennis doesn't use Irrlicht, but irrKlang, the sound library developed by me. Looks like irrKlang is becoming more and more *the* sound library for indie developers.

SWFDecrypt and Flash 'protection'

I just came across an interesting software: SWFDecrypt, a free SWF decryption software wich will unencrypt SWF files protected by various SWF protection software. This is usually done by people who want to pirate SWF files, so why is this interesting at all?
It shows how simple it is to remove the 'protection' by this software, that it is no protection after all. The author of SWFDecrypt also tested it with irrFuscator (written by me) and SecureSWF, and writes that using these tools, your SWF are safe:

Now that SWF Decrypt is out there, what should I do to protect my SWF files?
Use any other ActionScript obfuscator that can rename your classes and variables. SecureSWF and irrFuscator seem to do the job well. I plan on reversing other commercial solutions that do not rename variables.

That's what I always said: Use an obfuscator such as irrFuscator, all other methods are not safe.
The SWFDecrypt website also features a very interesting blog, where the author for example seems to find out that a company creating a popular SWF Decompiler also creates an 'SWF protector' under another company name. Interesting business, this SWF decryption industry.

JavaScript MOD player

I think once you can write 3D engines and mod players in JavaScript, you can do quite a lot. Ahyes, apparently now you can: a MOD player in JavaScript, impressive. Works in Opera, Firefox and Chrome.


From time to time, VisualStudio shows me this message box:

But that's a blatant lie; the symbol is defined. Visual Studio just didn't find it. If the message would read "Wasn't able to find the symbol" instead, I wouldn't call Visual Studio a liar here. Maybe a piece of improvable software, but not a liar.

Adsense for the poor

Software developers, and people who usually work with computers tend not to click on ads in the web. Some of them even filter ads using software such as AdBlock. I find this always quite amusing when other people find this out the hard way, like for example about half a year ago the people behind Stackoverflow:

[...] how does anyone make a decent living with AdSense? Seriously, how?

Some years ago I put up google ads on this blog and I learned this quite quickly as well: The ratio between people who visit this blog and people who click on ads is incredible low. That's because nearly only people with a technical background are reading this site.
On the other hand, other sites I run such as Darkness Springs or Bienen und Blumen are quite the opposite: People playing online games or using dating sites seem to click anything which is colorful. :)

Anyway, I never took down adsense from this blog, but because this is quite senseless, I now replaced most of the ads with a small script I just created to show some own images. Where the google adsense 'Wide Skyscraper' images were shown before on this blog, this script now shows images of the software I'm blogging about here. Simply click on the comments or archive to try it out.
Here is the source, if anyone is interested: writeads.js. The script even parses the DOM to find some keywords matching the images.

Do you like the new images instead of the ads? I do :)

Ultima 4 in Flash

I was excited when I saw Ultima 4 ported to flash. Great! But then, after being through the character generation screen, disappointment. The game is buggy and even crashes some times. (A flash app crashes? Difficult to do this..)


When the rain two days ago nearly destroyed my private little real-life farmville, I didn't know that it looked that severe in other corners of the city:

Flooding in Vienna - May 13, 2010 from mike borras on Vimeo.



Microsoft, can you improve the Ribbon in your products, please? It looks nice but slows you down editing documents. And with 'improve' I think I really mean 'remove'.


Just received a quite unusual mail from an Irrlicht user:

Can I use the irrlicht in my own product for business?

I am not going to read the licence for that, i am lazy. :-)

Woha. Irrlicht's license is about one of the shortest in the open source area. It's about 5 lines long. :-?

My comments on Google converting O3D to WebGL

As Google just announced, they are basically stopping development of the O3D plugin and rewriting it for WebGL. I received a few mails [ok, there were only two ;)] trying to bring this to my attention and asking me about a comment on this. So here you go:

When I started developing CopperCube and its WebGL 3d engine CopperLicht, choosing WebGL (and Flash 3D) as 3d rendering technology, some people commented that I should instead go with the then newly announced O3D plugin instead. I didn't do this, believing no new browser plugin would ever have a real chance unless it is named 'Flash', and it seems as this was a good decision. The result was that CopperCube was the first sophisticated tool for creating WebGL content and a lot of people are happy it exists.

And as it appears, now also the Google Team behind O3D realized that plugins is not the way to go and that WebGL is the future. Admittedly some people seem to be quite angry that they abadoned the O3D-plugin project suddenly and started to reimplement it. Of course the first WebGL version of O3D is still slow, but as you can see for example at the Demos of CopperLicht, 3d engines using JavaScript and WebGL can be really fast if optimized a bit. I bet the O3D team at google will achieve better performance as well in the near future.

So I think this is a great and important step for WebGL and they the O3D team did the right thing. WebGL is getting more attention this way, it gets more popular and it gets more support, resulting in more developers starting to use it. And this is a great thing.


Just fixed a bug causing CopperCube to crash at startup when no DirectX 9 is installed on the users system. Embarrassing, because the program also works without D3D9 (falling back to D3D8 or OpenGL). Luckily, only some very few people still live without DirectX 9, as it seems, otherwise I had noticed this earlier, I guess.

Pixel Prospector

Developing an indie game? Need some publicity? Maybe Pixel Prospector is for you. Looks nice, clean and useful.