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Austrian Army commercial

Most people who hang around in the depths of the Internet from time time have come across this ad from the Ukrainian Army (youtube).
Now, thee Austrian army created a copy. It's serious, real and even worse than the original. They even took out the sexism. I wonder how much they paid for creating this.

Armada 2526

Armada 2526 is a space opera game where you guide your race from its first interstellar journeys until it becomes a mighty galactic empire. It was recently released by Ntronium Games.

Why I'm blogging this? Because it's once again a released game using irrKlang, yay. :)

A tip to recruiters from a Software Developer

As self employed software developer, I get job offers from head hunters and recruiting companies on a regular basis. They usually give me a rough requirement description like

C++ programmer with 10 years of experience to work on a database related project for 3 months in Vienna

and ask me if I would be interested in that job. If it sounds interesting, I say "yes, maybe" and ask them for the name of the company or at least some more project details, because these are the only real factors which influence if I will do the job. It's the only way to roughly judge how the job will look like and what conditions I would have to work in during the next 3 months.

It's quite a pity that these recruiting companies never tell you the name of the company beforehand. Or at least some project details. The reason is that they fear you'll contact the company yourself to get the job without them. But with this, probably they shoot themselves in the foot:

I guess I'm not the only developer who started to simply say 'no' to the majority of job offers without any such details. It's simply less time consuming to skip offers of recruiters without any details and pick those few with in-depth descriptions.

Spacework - A game using Irrlicht

Spacework is commercial game buy EMBERGEP which uses Irrlicht as 3d engine. It has an interesting look:

The game runs on Mac OS X and Windows. Maybe worth trying out, there is a demo available.

Irrlicht Reddit

There is an Irrlicht Reddit available now. Quite empty still, though.

Photo bombing taken to the next level

If somebody can be called professional photo bomber, then this guy:

He seems to be known already in Portugal, he is called Emplastro.

IP Adresses and the Law

The law - I guess not only in Germany - is a bit schizophrenic regarding IP-Adresses. Some courts say webmasters must not store IP adresses because they are sensitive private data. Some other courts say that webmasters must provide them with IP-Adresses of users in order to investigate crimes and if they don't then it's against the law. Just some random thoughts.

In other news: This is the 1000th blog post on this blog (since 2005). Too bad I didn't copy the old posts from my first blog when I migrated to irrlicht3d.org, I would have reached this goal year(s) before. :)


You know you will sit on this project a lot longer time than you initially thought when start writing loops calling tons of OutputDebugString() just to find out what the code you have to work on actually does at all at various states.

O how I like working on projects without any documentation and where the last guy who really knew what the code did left the company years ago and now lives somewhere happily in Africa.

Irrlicht 1.6.1 released

Irrlicht is now available in version 1.6.1. This version contains a lot of bugfixes and corrections, happy downloading!

I also released a new CopperCube version today which is interesting for some people also using Irrlicht: It can export to Irrlicht .irr scenes now:

irrlicht scenes exported in coppercube

A lot of people requested this feature, and here it is, although it could be still improved of course (and being the first release, it probably still has a few bugs). The exporter has been written so that it should work with multiple Irrlicht versions. Additionally, you can now edit Irrlicht scene node properties and materials inside CopperCube:

I named all the new Irrlicht related parts in CopperCube 'irrEdit', because that's what it is: Parts of irrEdit integrated into CopperCube.
And here is the final test, one of the CopperCube examples exported as .irr file and loaded with the new Irrlicht 1.6.1:

You can download CopperCube 1.1.3 and Irrlicht 1.6.1 right now.
Feedback is always welcome, of course.

First hackers, now Thieves. 2010, you don't like me, eh?

Argh. I know, I shouldn't write blog posts when I'm angry, but it just happened and I wanted to blog something this evening anyway. ;)

Somebody sent me a letter with a key in it. I just opened the mailbox and found the envelope where the key should be inside. But in wasn't. Instead there is a big, torn out hole in the envelope, about the size of that key. It doesn't look like an accident, it looks exactly like somebody noticed the envelope is quite heavy and ripped out the key. And put the empty envelope back again into my mailbox.

This will cost me 500 euro to replace the locks for that key. 500 euro! Boy, I'm sooo angry right now.

Wiki Up and Running Again

The Irrlicht Wiki works again. Sorry for the down time.

Subversion can't open db\transactions\ 0-1.txn Windows 7

Using subversion on Windows 7? Getting strange error messages when committing, like 'can't open db\transactions\ 0-1.txn''?

Solution: Disable your virus scanner.
Took me about one hour to find this out. Argl.

Analyzed: How my Websites got hacked

After some investigations over my websites which have been hacked recently, I think I now found out how they did it: I reconstructed all this only with dates of files, registry entries and logs, so it might not be the full story, but I think it is pretty close to it. The bad thing is that this happened to me using the latest (or at least very very recent) versions of most software and all security updates installed. What I learned from this and what you can do to prevent the same happen to you:

It's easy to be wise after the event... :)

DVD recommendation

When I tried to recover from the holidays last weekend, I watched a film from the 80s on DVD. It is set in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War. An american soldier fights together with the Afghanistan people against the evil Russians who are brutally murdering and torturing the poor people there.

While watching the film which is just a stupid action film - named 'Rambo III', you've maybe guessed it - it constantly shows what military operations the Russians are doing to portray them as evil. Every time they do this, you'll notice that what they are showing there is EXACTLY what we are currently doing in Afghanistan. We, that's the U.S., Germany, United Kingdom, France, Austria and all the other ISAF nations.

I've never seen something telling me more directly that we are the bad guys like this stupid action movie. And the funny part is that it was originally trying to do the opposite. It's a quite shocking experience. (Not that I ever thought the Afghanistan war is right. But it's still quite shocking)

Interesting note: The film ends with the words "This film is dedicated to the gallant people of Afghanistan".