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Blog closed

... because of (swine?) flu. Will be opened again if I survived.

The eagle has landed (II)

The Ambiera Office is currently moving. Needed more space after some of the projects need a bit more attention, like CopperCube and irrKlang.
About two years ago, I blogged a picture of the first working infrastructure after I moved to a new appartment, so here is a similar picture showing how the new ambiera Office currently looks like ;)

Still a bit of work to do, but the most important parts are already working. [that is, HTTP and Email :)]

Irrlicht Analyzed

Issam Lahlali wrote a comprehensive article in which he analyzes Irrlicht with CppDepend, a Static Analysis Tool for C++.

Of course, the blog post is a kind of advertisement for cppdepend, but it's nevertheless quite interesting, I didn't even know that tool exists. Also, issam seems to come to the conclusion that Irrlicht is quite well designed, so it's worth a read ;)

Rammstein Concert Vienna 09

We attended the Rammstein concert in Vienna this weekend, and I was quite surprised: I saw a lot of concerts of similar bands already and Rammstein took all efford to make it a great show. I would even say this was the best concert I've ever seen and I'm not a big Rammstein fan.

With 15000 people in the hall and a ticket price of about 70 euros, and estimating that Rammstein gets out at least 50% of the money, they would have earned about half a million euros (!) with that concert yesterday alone. It seems to be good to be a rockstar. :) But they really worked for their money, doing as many new effects and stunts each song as other bands would do their whole concert alone. The atmosphere was great and the beer as well. Also, I expected the concert to be filled by teenagers, but it appeared the average age of the fans was about 30.

So if you have a chance to grab a ticket to a Rammstein concert, I'd suggest to take the opportunity, you won't be sorry.

irrKlang 1.2.0 released, including FLAC playback

I just released irrKlang 1.2.0, adding FLAC playback support. The new feature is implemented as plugin, just as the mp3 plugin. Flac playback was the most wished feature, so I had to implement it, and of course it works on all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, .NET 1 and .NET 2)

Also, as described in the last blog post this release includes the new documentation, plain html files. I personally like the javascript search feature as mentioned before already, you can try it out here (search box on the top right).

No More CHM

I used to include the documentation of software I write, such as Irrlicht and irrKlang in the form of CHM files, a file format by Microsoft consisting of compressed HTML files with an index and table of contents.
The problem with this is that .chm viewers are only natively installed on Windows operating systems, users with Linux or Mac OS X usually have to download some external software to read the documentation. Additionally, it seems that because Microsoft now considers its own file format a security risk and instead of fixing the hole, sometimes the CHM Viewer (aka Internet Explorer) seems to refuse to show the content of those files, and in some cases (from my experience) it cannot even be forced to show the file nevertheless.

That's the reason why I now decided to stop using .chm files and include the .html and .png files directly, in uncompressed form in the SDKs. Anyone today knows how to open .html files and as doxygen now also includes a nice JavaScript based search functionality, the switch should be painless.

To begin with irrKlang, the next release (to be released in the next days) will no longer include .chm files.

3D Graphic Design Job Offer

Anyone looking for a 3d graphic design job?
There are currently two in the CopperCube forum.

User Rating (In)consistencies

Ok, sometimes I don't get it: the recently released new version of DSDefense, DSDefense 2 has worse ratings than the original first version, although those games are nearly the same. The only difference is a new background of the main menu and about a dozen small improvements, demanded by the players of the first version. Absolutely strange.
See for yourself: on Kongregate, DSDefense 1 was rated 3.37, while the recent, improved version has a rating of only 3.12. Could be a measurement error, but it's the same same on Newgrounds: first version 3.92, second, 'improved' version 3.36.
WTF :)

DSDefense 2 released

Because so many people sent me feedback about the defense game I published on this blog (updated game already on that page), I now created a second version of that game.
You can play it for example on Kongregate.
The most important, now implemented new features people wished were:
Also, there is now a more colorful but ugly main menu which I created using Paint.Net in a sharp attack of I-think-I-am-a-good-Artist. :)
Of course, also playable on the Darkness Springs website.

Thanks, Wikimedia

Looks like German-Speaking Wikipedia users are finally 'thanking' Wikimedia for deleting and censoring all the german Wikipedia articles:

Instead of donating a usual amount of about 50€ or 20€, people are sending in only 1€ and writing why they are angry about wikipedia: the admins of wikipedia are increasingly deleting and censoring articles on the Wikipedia, but ignoring all criticism about this behavior. Finally a way wikimedia will listen, I think.

Swine flu reaches Vienna

On my way through the inner city of Vienna, I saw (independently) about 3 people wearing respiratory masks. They could have been Michael Jackson fans, but I guess they were wearing them for fear of the Swine flu.
I guess it's not possible to sue the media for exaggerating this disease?

CopperCube 1.1.0 released - including Character Animation

CopperCube 1.1.0 is now available (download here).
The big new feature is Character Animation.

In addition, in order to reduce the price a bit for hobbyists, there is now a 'light' version available (See the 'buy' and 'edition comparison' page for details) for a lower price.

And because this seemed to be a bit confusing: People who already purchased Coppercube don't need to buy it again. You get the Professional version for free, of course! You only need to type in your license again into the new version.

Happy creating 3D worlds in Flash :)

Irrlicht Considered Harmful

'Dog' just sent me a mail with the following text:

I’ve just downloaded the irrlicht 1.6 build, I compiled the Helloworld example and started it with debugger. I pressed F5 and just waited the window to appear. Of course nothing showed up, instead I’ve got this nice window:

So, the Irrlicht Hello-World application now is behaving 'suspiciously'? Uh.. drawing.. well... triangles. Very suspicious. :)

I guess I wouldn't earn any Money as Animator

From time to time, I am interested in the way 3d artists create their beautiful graphics, and I try to mimic them, trying to model nice 3d scenes or to draw some cool textures. I usually fail miserably when I am doing something graphics related which does not involve programming (example1, example2), but at least it's very interesting for me and I learn a lot of new things.

Last weekend, I tried myself as animator. I created a 3d model (it was a goblin-like monster): created a skeleton of joints, attached weights to the vertices and animated all of it. After a few hours, I proudly presented it to my girlfriend, animated with a nice walkcycle. The result: "Oh, is it injured?" - "Hm.. what?" - "Is it.. sick?" - "No! It's walking! It's a walking goblin!" And then I was laughed at for this bold claim. :/

Because of safety reasons (both for the eyes of the readers of this blog and for the self-esteem of the author), I'm not going to present a movie of the animation here. :)

There was an error. But I'm not going to tell you.

One of my favorite error messages:
Error: The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error

From time to time, VS seems to simplly want to entertain me.

"Just trying on my Halloween Costume"

From Castle season 2 episode 6 "Vampire Weekend":

'Space Cowboy' :)

Game developers getting tax breaks

It appears that Scottish game development companies are getting tax breaks. Well, dear Austrian politicans. *want*