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2DBoy's Rapid Prototyping Framework

2DBoy, the makers of the successful indie game World of Goo just released their 'Rapid Prototyping Framework' as open source. Basically, this is the code base they used to create World of Goo: It can render 2D graphics, read input from a variety of devices, and play sounds. It includes a resource manager for loading/unloading resources, a persistence layer for saving game states, and even a file access abstraction layer.
Download it here.


Just discovered LithUnwrap, a free UV mapper. It has an incredible amount of features, interesting that it is free. And it imports and exports to a impressive huge amount of file formats (28 to be exact, from simple .obj and .3ds files to black & white and jedi knight files) which must have been a huge amount of work. Great software.

CopperCube Beta 2 Released

The second beta version of CopperCube is now available, and I implemented a lot of the feedback I received already. The whole 3D user interface has been reworked (now irrEdit style controls), and I added 3d sounds, paths (for camera flights and moving objects), verical billboards and other interesting things, together with some bug fixes and 3d engine speed enhancements. Also, some of the examples have been updated. Here is the one with the building again:

I know, it's still ugly, and I think I'll invest some time to make most of the examples a bit better soon. :)
You can download CopperCube here.

Operator Overloading, please

Some programmers out there seem to think operator overloading is unnecessary (example: here). But only because they never needed a feature like that in their life, it doesn't mean that it is not useful. Java or Actionscript for example don't support operator overloading. Some code in the Coppercube engine for example looks like this:

finalPos = p1.multiplyWithScal(g1);

In C++, the same code would simply be something like this:
finalPos = (p1*g1 + p2*g2 + t1*g3 + t2*g4);

The code is only working with 3D vectors and scalars, but there are also similar parts for matrices, 2d vectors, lines, quaternions and others in there.
Code like this is distributed trough the whole code base, making these parts totally unreadable. I'm used to write a comment above such lines, showing how the code would look like if the language would support operator overloading, which explains what the code does. And makes it obvious that operator overloading would be quite useful in that language.

So if you are designing a new programming language, think about adding operator overloading for us poor programmers having to work with all this math stuff. :)

Automatic translation overkill

It's quite interesting that there are 100% automaticly translated websites out there. And by 100%, I really mean it, they even automaticly translated the domain name: Take a look at freidownload.com, this is 'free download' translated to german, but wrongly. :) (something like 'loose download') They are hosting links to software, and also include for example irrfuscator, the Actionscript 3 obfuscator I wrote. They translated the english description of this program to german (altough there was a german version of this text provided anyway):

"irrFuscator ist ein ActionScript 3 obfuscator für Biegen-Entwickler. Es schützt SWF und Luft-Programm und deren Quellencode, ist sehr schnell und erzielt sehr gute Ergebnisse. Es ist für sterben vorgelagerten Kommandozeile die verfügbar als Auch als grafisches. Es kann reiht verschlüsseln, Witespace entfernen, kann nichtdeterministisch verschlüsseln und erkennt automatisch Aufrufe nach externem Biegen-Code auf. [...] Verdunkelung ist leider für viele Entwickler notwendig weil ihr-Code Rückseite ausgeführtes und gestolen wird, im Blinken-Bereich überduchschnittlich oft."

That's one of the funniest translations i've ever read. (Maybe just because I wrote the original text). They also translated Adobe Flex to 'Biegen' (=bend), Adobe Air to 'Luft' (the Air that you breathe), Adobe Flash to 'Blinken' (=blinking) and Obfuscation to 'Verdunkelung' (=darkening).
Great :)

Email simply seems not to work anymore

Email should be quite simple. It uses a very simple protocol to transfer the data from one mail server to the next one and has a very simple format. And yet it looks like it simply doesn't work anymore. Spammers and various web filters seem to have made it totally unreliable.

As you might know we are running a small side project, a german/austrian dating website named Bienen und Blumen. As most websites, Bienen und Blumen uses mails to notify the users about different events (only if they opted in for this, of course) and because we already have a handfull of users, we gathered a lot of experience with this already:
There are webmail readers and even full native email clients which are too stupid to display the content of our mails and show an empty mail instead. And even worse, there are users with mail servers who simply won't receive our mails, probably deleting it completely without letting the user know about it. Sometimes, some clients only cripple the web urls inside the mail body at least.

Only about 5% of all of our users are affected by problems like these, but it's really a sad state.
No moral in this story, just a bit of ranting. :)

Duke Nukem Forever looked great

Now that 3D Realms is no more, it looks like we will never see Duke Nukem Forever, now really the biggest vaporware of all times. And I personally can't remember having seen any actual game play footage. But this changed with this video:

Too bad we probably won't see this game anytime soon. I guess it would be quite fun, even just because of Duke Nukem's voice. :)

Game Soundtrack Quiz 6

Welcome to the 6th game sound track quiz on this blog. This one is more a joke, I bet there are only some very few people who won't recognize this, although this are only 6 seconds of the music:

Press the 'play' button to listen to the music. Which game is it?
Good luck. :)

CopperCube crack and keygen - download here!

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IE8 bug - explorer opens every folder in new window on Vista

Just downloaded and installed Internet Explorer version 8 on my Vista Machine, and was surprised in two ways: At first, it looked pretty nice. Cool new options, cleaner interface, developer tools included. And all my websites still work with it.
But after I returned to programming I noticed that this update crippled some other functionality on the system: Double clicking folders in the file explorer now opens every folder in a new window, despite I've selected the other setting in the options dialog. After googling it seems like I'm not the only one with these problems but none of the workarounds suggested on the internets seem to work, and Microsoft closed the bug as 'not reproducible'. Great.

Update, Solution to this problem: