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Korea Games

Korea Games is an interesting blog about the Korean games industry, recently started by Navid Firouz. I think it's worth a read, and I've added the blog to the 'blogs I read' section here on irrlicht3d.org, not only because I know Navid personally. :)

Interesting - Press Freedom Index

The Press Freedom index 2008 by Reporters without borders is quite interesting. The best rated countries are Iceland, Luxembourg and Norway, followed by mostly European countries, and countries which are currently not at war. Maybe this is a good list to read if you plan to emigrate :)

Austria - where I live - is ranked 14th, while Germany is 20th. I guess the position of Germany will get worse this year, since the german government is currently implementing a blackbox Internet censorship system and raiding the houses of people criticising this, like they did with the owner of the wikileaks.de domain.

The USA are ranked 36th, the last Countries are Burma, Turkmenistan, North Korea and Eritrea.

Star Sonata 2

The guys behind the MMO game Star Sonata posted a video of their pre-alpha engine today:

They are using Irrlicht, and hope to go beta in the next months.

BB mentioned in another magazine

Wow, Bienen und Blumen (a small german dating website we created some months ago) has just been mentioned again in a printed magazine. Unfortunately, they simply summarize the article of that other magazine which already featured Bienen und Blumen, but who cares. This new article was published in a magazine named AK für Sie, which every employee in Austria automatically receives, so there must a quite a huge amount of copies, I guess. The bad thing: I know nobody who actually reads 'AK für Sie', when I received it regualarily some years ago I usually was treating it as waste paper as well. :)

I've uploaded a picture of the relevant parts of the text if you are interested. :)

Game Soundtrack Quiz 4

Mabye all the previous sound snippets have been too long so that they were too easy to guess? Or - more probably - the readers of this blog are all veteran hardcore gamers :) So, let's see if you can recognize this music, it's short, modified and difficult:

Press the 'play' button to listen to the music. Which game is it?

Why OOP is great

Last week I worked a bit on Coppercube again, my 3D engine sideproject which also renders 3d realtime graphics in the flash player. Because the Flash9 deployment target already works, I wanted to implement the windows target, basically the editor should create a windows .exe from the 3D scene. Before starting to program, I roughly estimated 6-8 hours of work to finish it. But in the end, it only took me 20 minutes.

I was surprised by my own speed of work :) The advantage was that the whole already exsiting project was written in nicely but strictly designed OOP (in a similar way I used when creating irrlicht), and I only had to subclass two classes and write about 200 lines of code. The beauty of OOP kicked in, and 20 minutes later, I had a bug free, working win32 player and an editor which could create interactive realtime 3d applications for both flash and windows.
Sometimes, I really like being a programmer. If everything would be that easy :)

You know you are too tired to start programming when...

... you wonder why visual studio tells you that the .ncb file is read only, and then discover that you opened another visual studio session with the same project just a few minutes ago.

Javascript 3D engine

Updated: There is now a new JavaScript 3D engine named CopperLicht available. Not public yet, but looks promising. No wonder, I wrote it. :)

Some more details about my side project

Time to reveal more details about my recently announced side project: In short, it is a 3D engine for flash, as surprisingly many people already suspected in the comments of this blog. Here is a screenshot of it in action:

(Click on the image to start this as demo)

I named it 'Coppercube 3D' and put together a small website on ambiera.com about it.
Basically, it is a 3D engine with a content creation system: You edit your 3D scenes in the editor (place imported 3d files, edit materials, particles, positions etc), select a deployment target (flash .swf or windows .exe) and see the result immediately.

Coppercube is still in very early alpha phase and not public yet. It's about 80% finished, but the last 20% of work is always the hardest part. :) That's why there is now the website: Let's see if some people are interested at all in this project, and if so, I'm going to invest more time into this and release it earlier.

Coppercube is basically the result of merging a handfull of my major projects together into one: irrEdit (base of the editor framework for Coppercube), Irrlicht (3D rendering in the editor and for windows targets), irrKlang (sound for windows targets) and irrFuscator (swf writing, to create the flash 3D playback code). Therefore, it is also an ideal project to test out and find things to improve in these other projects.

For more info, see the CopperCube 3D website.
And of course, I'm going to blog updates and development news about CopperCube from now on at this blog.

Irrlicht in Linux Journal

As drarem pointed out in the forum, there is an article about Irrlicht in issue 180 of the Linux Journal. It's called 3-D Graphics Programming with Irrlicht and was written by Mike Diehl. I've not read the article yet because the online version of the article is for subscribers only, so I don't know if the article is good, but any press is good press. :)

Computer game prohibition demanded

The first thing I thought when I heard the news yesterday about the rampage in Germany (german link) - a 17 year old ex-pupil killed 15 people - was: How long until they blame computer games for it again? Not very long: Of course the spree killer was a CounterStrike gamer and a lot of politicans are now calling for a total prohibition of 'killer' computer games (german link). Stupid idiots. I guess the fact that the parents of this guy seem to have had dozens of weapons laying around in their house has nothing to do with the spree killing.

Game Soundtrack Quiz 3

The first two games in this series were maybe a bit old (Dungeon Keeper: 12 years, Unreal: 11 years), and although they were guessed pretty fast anyway, here is the sound track of a younger game. Press 'play' to listen to the short clip:

Do you know which game this is? Quite easy, I guess.

Unimpressive first screenshot of a side project

Since a few weeks I've been working on a small fun side project with a nice idea, involving Irrlicht. I only worked on it when I had some time (which was not that often), but altough I don't know the exact amount, a lot of hours of work have been put into it so far. And today, the project has evolved so far that you can even see something on the screen:

Incredibly unimpressive. :) That's the drawback when you want to do something correctly, it takes a lot of time until you have to show something. But fortunately, this shot means now that the framework works, the major work is done and that it should be quite easy to build the real thing now. I'm going to post some further screenshots of the project when there is more to see and also going to blog some more details about it then.

Google Adsense in Euros

Google just made it possible to convert adsense earnings in euros on a daily basis. That's a feature I've been waiting for about two years now. But unfortunately, this only works if you are in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, or Spain. I'm here in Austria. Hello!? We in Austria have the Euro as well!

Additionally, I don't get it why on earth google is doing the dollar conversion at all. It's totally unnessesary. And don't tell me this is because google is a U.S. company: If it's google who is getting the money, it seems to be easily possible for them to use Euros instead: Google adwords accounts in Europe all work in euros.
But let's see, maybe they'll improve this as well soon. Maybe they won't. They don't have to. They have the monopoly anyway.

Game Soundtrack Quiz 2

Here is another extract from the soundtrack of a great game. Do you know which one it is? Press the play button to start the music:

Last time the game was Dungeon Keeper, and rip posted the right answer within a few minutes. I think this time it's even easier. But it was a great game with very good music, so I had to post this here.