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Further adventures in C++

When I write code like

if (doSomething())

I am usually pretty sure that this works. But if the compiler then tells me

error C2181: illegal else without matching if

I really start scratching my head. Especially if it is already late at night and I need some sleep. So I sat there, sleepy, scanning these 4 lines of code for some invalid character I've typed in by accident. Do you see it?
I didn't either. Everything looks correct, right?
I finally got my sleep when I realized some CENSORED CENSORED CENSOREDhead had written this to define 'SOME_CONSTANT':

#define SOME_CONSTANT "sdfs";

But I guess programming would be boring without gems like this.

Bienen und Blumen tested by Konsument

Only about 5 months ago, we released our free german/austrian/swiss dating website Bienen und Blumen, and yesterday, it already made it into a printed magazine: Konsument, a big austrian product testing journal in its current issue has an article about online dating/matchmaking services, and Bienen und Blumen was one of the 3 free listed sites:

We didn't score best ('durchschnittlich' means average) but as far as I understand that's mainly because of our low amount of users. And its pretty ok, as I wrote, Bienen und Blumen only exists for a few months, and we are growing quite fast. So a big YAY! for our first real media coverage, the first article about Irrlicht needed a bit longer :)

Game Soundtrack Quiz 1

I recently found some old game disks and rediscovered some brilliant sound tracks. Here is a small quiz: The soundtrack of which game is this?

Great game, btw. :) [I even hacked together a small flex app as sound playback application because I was to lazy to find a good one]


I just tried out Ceville, a point and click adventure game. It's cool that these games are not dead yet. Ceville uses realtime 3D graphics (interestingly, rendered by MOgre, a C++/CLI wrapper for the Ogre engine) and - as expected for an adventure - there are a lot of amusing spoken texts (played back by the irrKlang audio library, btw ;) )

I personally like the game - ironic texts, item combination riddles, cool animations, odd characters - everything you'd expect from this kind of game. If you want to try it, it seems like there is currently only the german demo available: From Fileplanet or Gamestar.de, but at least there's an english Ceville trailer on youtube.

Initial Darkness

Just started a tiny new 3d project again. Hacked severel hundred lines of code, compiled and started the app. Darkness. No idea why. For me, that's nearly always the case when creating 3D apps from scratch. Looking forward to the moment where I find out what I forgot this time. :)

Short Fallout 3 Review

(no spoilers) Some weeks ago, I bought Bethesdas Fallout 3 although I initally hesitated to do this because I considered it just to be an Oblivion with different graphics. (Not that I didn't like Oblivion, I loved it.)

But after playing it for some hours, it turns out that Fallout 3 has some quite nice ideas built into it and it is fun to walk trough the destroyed city of Washington DC, and fight mutants and raiders during a virtual sightseeing tour. You'll also discover a lot of references to other games and media [4 8 15 16 23 42, anyone?]. It still feels a lot like Oblivion, but this also has advantages, like the extremely short time when loading and saving game states (would be interesting to know how they are doing this from a technical point of view, btw) and the huge, detailed world. Hope to finish this game soon, but it will need some time because I'm currently a bit short on spare time.

My Flash CS4 experience

Just to be up to date, I wanted to try out Adobe Flash CS4 today, to see how the IDE works and looks like in this 'new' version, and if I find it useful, maybe think about buying it. (BTW: Adobe says on its front page Flash costs US$699, but if you buy it from Austria, it's 838€. WTF. That's $1075. But I guess we here in Europe are used to be treated like that...)
So I
Ok, nice. I think I like Flex better.

My recent unusual selection of a new forum software

Until a few days ago, the forum software I used on my company's website was the E-Blah Bulletin Board System, which is implemented in perl. But because of some technial details and other cumbersomenesses like that the administration panel of that board is filled with quotes and instructions from the bible (?!), I wanted to replace it.

Unfortunately, I didn't find a forum which I really liked. It had to be open source or free, lightweight, should have been unpopular enough so that its security flaws are not too often targeted by hackers and spammers (had some experiences with this already) but have decent enough features to fully replace the current eBlah sofware, a nice editor with code tags etc. In addition, it should be possible to import the old forum somehow.

So after some hours of evaluating several software (the winner so far was Phorum, btw, which I am using on my RGP game website already), I had an idea: Why not writing my own forum software? Of course not, this would be quite some work, right? But then I remembered that I alread did something like this: For our small dating website bienen und blumen, I already had implemented a working forum (And somehow I had forgotten this). So I only took this piece of software and refactored it. I added some new features like

And voila, the perfect forum for the ambiera website was born. Try it out, if you like
to. One feature still is missing - highlighting forum threads with unread posts - but for basic support request handling it is pretty ok now, and I think, and I can add this feature later if at all.

Irrlicht In Motion Competition Winners Announced

The winners of the Irrlicht In Motion Competition finally have been announced. RandomMesh won the competition with his Flocking Boids, second is Omaremad with his Coin Jump Game, and third is Strong99 with his The Island game. Congratulations!
The first three winners all receive a irrKlang license, I'll contact you within the next few days.

First Signs

On my way back home today, there were 6 people asking me for money. Not unusual, a mixture of fund raisers for various organizations and the usual homeless people. But in total, 6 people asked me today. That's 3 times more than usual. First signs of the financial crisis?

Level 50

Hurra! I spared no effort, I spared no pains, and finally I reached Level 50! Great.