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Irrlicht Competition

Want to win something? Bitplane is organizing an Irrlicht Competition with some nice prizes: Details at the Irrlicht In Motion Competition Thread in the forum. The task is to create an interactive demo that demonstrates an innovative use of motion in Irrlicht.
The competition ends on 12th of January 2009. So no time to loose!

Free Game Recommendation: C&C

Need a game to play during the free days? Apart from the already mentioned World of Goo, what about the real time strategy game Command & Conquer? Not the new sucked-out one with colorful 3d graphics but the old, original Command & Conquer 1? It's available for free now, just download it from EA. Even works on Vista.
I had a lot of fun playing the missions again which I did last time in 1995. Still a great game.

Web programmers suck

Sometimes it is really shocking how bad some web programmers are. Poor Opera team.

Irrlicht 1.5 released!

Because of a server problem, this blog post comes one day late, I'm sorry: We released Irrlicht 1.5 yesterday. The new features include support for COLLADA 1.4 and LWO files, an .OBJ file writer, an enhanced software rasterizer (burning video), FSAA for OpenGL, OGRE .mesh loader improvements, nicer and faster terrain rendering, volume lights, various improvements for the WindowsCE port, shared depth buffers for RTT in D3D, a font creation tool for Linux and improvements with the dynamic lights, particle systems, LMTS, PNG and PCX loading and writing and a lot more. Happy downloading!

Appcelerator Titanium

Looks like Adobe AIR and Microsoft Silverlight are getting competition: Appcelerator Titanium has been released as public preview version. Basically it works similar like AIR: It's a native browser client running the web app. The difference to AIR: it's open source and your app can be distributed as single package, without the need of installing something like the AIR runtime before this. But I guess it will still need an installed flash player if you plan to include an .swf file in that package, unfortunately (unconfirmed yet), otherwise Titanium would be the perfect tool for distributing flash games as standalone versions on end user PCs, IMO.

Some thoughts

So I'm paying for the water I use. For energy and power as well. Also for every bank transfer I do and every letter I send. I pay for the gas I use and for the gazoline my car needs. When I travel by train or subway, I need to pay a fee do do this as well. I am still registered as student at the local university, so I also pay for my education.
Why again am I working 5 hours a day for the state? Half the time I work, I work for taxes only. What am I paying with all my work again? The salary of those stupid politicans? The bonuses of the incompetent managers of the bankrupt banks? I guess that's it. </rant>

WLANs around the world

We are near the end of the year, time for a summary: The eee I bought about 8 months ago now has seen a lot of places around the world, and it's fun to browse the WLAN history panel:

Within this short amount of time, my EEE now has seen WLANs in Austria, Germany, Finland, Poland, Czechia, Korea, and Bulgaria. Not bad, and it still works. Who is a gooood netbook? Who is a good Netbook? You are! You are! :)

IrrAR - Irrlicht & Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the term for describing the combination of the real world and computer (usually 3d) graphics. Nightsoft created an open source library named IrrAR which combines
the 3D engine Irrlicht with the ARToolKit. The result is the follwing:


Will they never learn?

20 easy steps to starting GTA IV on your PC. Great.
But I think there is another faster, 2-step way: 1) Download cracked version. 2) Play.

Again a new piece of Software

One thing I always wanted to write since I was a teenager surfing the animated gif beautified text pages which was called the world wide web back then was a chat. But knowing only a bit of HTML and JavaScript, I had no idea how to do that. Now, several dozen years later, I finally had a chance to do this:

Yay, Bienen und Blumen now has a chat as well :)
I implemented the chat client using Actionscript 3, via Flex. And boy, that was easy. Just a few lines of code and I had a nice looking feature complete chat with user lists, color selection, ignore lists, private chat rooms and everything you need. I think if I had done this using JavaScript, I would have to struggle with a lot of problems like all the different browser versions and strange bugs because of javascripts dynamic language model. So thanks Adobe for creating that nice platform :)

Irrlicht 1.5 beta released

Hybrid compiled and published a beta SDK of Irrlicht 1.5 yesterday, so if you have time, download and test it out. And report bugs if you find some, of course :)
Irrlicht 1.5 will contain tons of new features, and I will summarize them when 1.5 will be out (will not take that long, I guess).