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Irrlicht 1.4 released

We just released Irrlicht 1.4. Nobody should say we don't adhere to our own deadlines: We still made it in November ;)

irrlicht new logo

Happy downloading!

Game Development in Finland

According to this article on mediabiz.de, Finland supported its game development companies with 6 Mio Euros (== 8.9 mio US$) alone in the year 2007. All other EU countries only spent 21 Mio. Euro together.
I'm thinking about emigrating anyway in the near future if our political problems are not taken care of soon, so maybe Finland would be a nice canditate although it is a member of the EU as well. Hm.

Irrlicht is worth 7 Mio.

According to Ohloh.net, the Irrlicht Engine is worth $7,756,849. Wow. What a pity that it's in dollar and not in euro. :D


When there is a chance that old projects you did some time ago come back to you and need you to work on them again, then all of them will come back to you at the same time. This sentence sounds a bit like Murphy's law [mixed with my bad english ;)], but it just happened to me, which is also the reason for my reduced amount of blog posts last week. I am still struggling with this, but the planned upcoming releases of Irrlicht and irrKlang will still be able to be done at their planned time.

Hurra for Mikas

Irrlicht3d.org is now running since the beginning of its existence on webservers provided by Mikas.at, and I am really happy with them, so if you are looking for a nice ISP, this might be one for you. Why I am writing this here? Mikas just told me that they've chosen to host irrlicht3d.org for free for one year! Totally nice of them. Thanks!


I watched the movie Beowulf last weekend and I liked it. It is completely rendered in 3D as known from Final Fantasy - the movie, but with some differences: They made it using a technique they call 'digitally enhanced live action' which IMO just is marketing slang for motion capturing and remodelling the faces of real actors into the 3D scenes: In case of Beowulf they used for example Anthony Hopkins, John Malkovich and Angelina Jolie. For me, this was not that important because I don't really care about famous actors, but it was interesting to see their faces in there.

The movie itself was very nice because the story is thrilling and interesting - where I live nobody really knows anything about this poem - and it has a very nice the combination of good dialogs, nice action and great tracking shots. In addition my female company liked the movie as well for the same reasons - which is a big bonus because it's not that usual girls like movies like that. I've heard there is also a 3-D projected version of the Beowulf movie available which can be watched with red-green glasses, but I saw the simple 2D-screen version only. Nevertheless, beowulf is recommendable, IMO.

First Irrlicht Website

Before I started a 3D engine project and named it 'Irrlicht', I was working on a small hobby project game, but didn't finish it, unfortunately. The name of that game was planned to be 'Irrlicht', but later, because I had canceled the game and needed a name for my new 3D engine project, I simply borrowed the name 'Irrlicht' from there. :)
The 'Irrlicht'-game was planned to be an isometric role playing game, and I was working on it in the last millennium, in the end of the year 1999. I even had a website for it and was updating it regularily, writing development news, something which people would today call 'a blog'. Just found the website on a very old backup CD:

first irrlicht website

The website was written in german and some parts of the site today appear quite funny and naive to me. But this was the first time I used the name 'Irrlicht' for one of my projects. The mp3 music file I am talking about on that shot above still exists: It is the music which can be heard in the Demo example of the Irrlicht 3D engine.


Like heroes? Watch Zeroes.

Oh those Spammers

Looks like spammers misused this blog to send tons of spam via its trackback funcionality, my ISP just let me know. Yesterday, the amount of spam increased to such enormous amounts so they had to delete a part of the PHP scripts behind the blog. So I set down, patched and modified the code, and hope that everything is better now again.
Too bad, I wanted to blog a nice article this evening, but instead I had to do this now. Better luck next time.

Nabla Nuts

Stefan Lulham created a small script based game engine named Nabla Nuts, which is based on OpenGL and irrKlang. It is simple, but interesting, especially because Stefan is developing a game, a tactical RPG with this framework, and blogging about his experiences while developing it. The script language is Squirrel by the way, my favourite embeddable language which I am using in irrEdit as well. Hardly surprising that Squirrel is that nice, it is being developed by Alberto Demichelis, a programmer who was in charge of integrating LUA into FarCry / the CryEngine.

53 days until you will lose all your privacy

The law to store email, telephone, and all internet connection data of all german people has been accepted today by about 70% of all representatives. Ignoring all the protests and all the expert opinions. The law will take effect in 53 days.
Good bye privacy. Hello Stasi 2.0. Here is a complete list of all those people who made this possible.
More information about this on vorratsdatenspeicherung.de.

HL in 60 seconds

Video of Half-life and Half-life 2 in 60 seconds.

Lost in translation

One of the downsides of living in a country where people don't use english as native language is that you usually have to wait for about half a year until you are able to watch all the cool new series too. The other one is that you have to watch a translated and dubbed version then. In most cases, the german shows are nice, in some few they are excellent: Adding some jokes and pun at the right places for example, and you notice that some people really had fun doing their translation job. But of course, there are always numerous situations where bad translation completely ruins a whole scene, like we are used to in 'The Simpsons'. I think the word they are nearly always translating wrongly is 'to swear', which they mistranslate to 'schwören' (=make an oath). ;)
In 'Heroes', which just has started some weeks ago on german television, they also made a big, wrong decision, IMO: Instead of talking Japanese with subtitles as in the original version, Hiro, the character who is able to 'bend space and time' and his friend are communicating in german too, like all people around them. In this way, the viewers have no clue that Hiro himself only speaks some very few words of english and needs his friend to help him understanding other people. And so, in some scenes, the german viewers don't even know that Hiro doesn't understand one single word, totally removing all the fun from some important scenes.
That really is a pity. But anyway, I'm still going to continue to watch it. :)

irrKlang 1.0.2 released

Today, irrKlang 1.0.2 was released and I am really happy about this one: irrKlang now has a new
and refactored C++ interface and includes major new features like audio stream seeking and playback speed adjustments also for the non-DirectSound drivers, some of those features are shown in this screen shot of the added new example application:

bigger version of the image

The example is basically a minimal cross platform audio player for different file formats, with some unusual options such as the playback speed adjuster, and it is funny to play around with this. The example runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and uses FLTK as UI library. The full source of this application as well as its precompiled binaries are included in the irrKlang SDK and may be extended freely: If you ever wanted to build your own Winamp or iTunes clone, just download and go ;)


I know, I said I wouldn't do it, but after everybody told me I really should try it, I went to a shop and bought bioshock. I now played through it, and summarized: It's a nice game with a gamplay similar to SystemShock and DeusEx, beautiful graphics and an interesting setting. And after I've finished it now, I felt like a dirtbag after being presented the evil ending just because I harvested one single little sister and because I did not save all of them. ;)

CodeBlocks doesn't work on Vista either

Code::Blocks, my favourite IDE for developing applications using GCC under Windows doesn't work on Vista either: If you choose to download and install the default windows package (Codeblocks RC2, it's old but the only package with installer and the most common used version because of this), the compiler won't find the necessary files to compile C and C++. And if you work around this, the next thing is the linker which doesn't work. Great, to together with Visual Studio 2003 not working initially, that's now 100% of my C++ development tools not working in Vista, that's what Microsoft is calling backwards compatibility.
BTW: With a newer MinGW and one of the nightly builds of CodeBlocks, it will run and compile then at least.